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Candy Bar Sayings

"You are Priceless" gift. Perfect for neighbors, co-workers, and friends. I gave one of these to a Jewish friend of mine and she said, "how Jewish!" Made me laugh.

Thank a Mailman I want to do this with the kids along with other service things for Christmas

LOVE THESE! Tic Tac Labels FREE printable

So I saw this article about puns/cute sayings to go with candy bars, and the ones that went with these bars made me laugh. a lot. "(1) Be 16 before you date, that Big Hunk will have to wait!" (2) Dating a Big Hunk can be a lot of fun, but go in groups not one and one!" ahahahaha. This made me laugh.

A piece of homemade lemon pound cake wrapped in parchment paper and tied with #twine from #pickyourplum....the #gifttags are also from the #pickyourplumgrabbox

Detail-Oriented Diva!: Back to School Teacher's Gift

Haha I want that for girls camp!!!

Fill a cup with all sorts of minty candy (Tic-Tacs, Mentos, Andes, peppermints, gum, Altoids) as a first day gift for my daughter's teacher. The note says, "You were mint to be my teacher."

Depend on the Savior, will you?

Teacher appreciation gift from our awesome PTA!! 'thank you for quenching the thirst for knowledge!'

Each day of the week during Teacher Appreciation our PTA puts small "treats" in the teachers' boxes. Today was a little Chinese takeout box with fortune cookies inside. The tag reads, "We are so Fortunate to have You at Westside!" I got the idea for this from another website, but can't seem to find it. :-\ The boxes came from OTC.

Cute handout for First Aid certification for YW Camp #girlscamp

Swim Teacher Appreciation Gift (tutorial and free printable!) - perfect for your child's swim teacher! { }

Gimme a break. Gimme a break. Break me off a piece of that kit kat bar!

Squirrelly kids mean squirrelly teachers! Last day freebie for your teacher friends!

Save this clever printable poem for a rough day. And when lifes a drag- he can eat the whole bag!

End of the Year Teacher Gift - Around My Family Table

Printable Chocolate Bar Wrappers