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17 Best Plants to Grow Indoors without Sunlight

Do you have place in your house that don't receive direct sun or do you want to grow plants in your living room, dining room or bath room? Luckily there are plants that grow without sunlight and you can grow them indoors.

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Rabbits-foot Fern care

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25 Herbs, Vegetables & Plants You Can Grow In Water

Summary: Below are a series of Gardenia problems homeowners may experience. Gardenia Leaves Turning Yellow Yellowing and dropping of Gardenia leaves have several possibilities… from a nutritional deficiency, low humidity and over watering. Yellowing Leaves From Nutritional Deficiency 1 – If you plant is has a magnesium or iron deficiency, growth may become retarded along …

Beyond Mums, Great Plants for Fall Container Gardens

Beyond Mums - Five Fall Plants for Container Gardens: Some Other Great Fall Plants for Container Gardens