"By this time, Dali's cat had seen it all..." -@Narwilliams

When Salvador Dalí departed the world of the living in he left behind him a superb legacy of surreal artworks, as well as these black and white portr

Cloud Gate, in Millennium Park, Chicago

Ive never known what the real name for this is, always called it the bean -- Cloud Gate, in Millennium Park, Chicago


Night Windows art print small version window with the cat in it glows brighter and more powerfully than ever! hand signed open edition poster measures inches x inches hand made 3 color screen print on archival stock (glow in the dark i

garden art

funky junky silverware flower I would use serving utensils for a bigger flower and I would hang it in the kitchen!

Vincent Van Gogh. Can we all take a moment to just appreciate the sheer awesome of this idea and costume? Bravo dude, bravo.

Funny pictures about Brilliant Van Gogh Costume. Oh, and cool pics about Brilliant Van Gogh Costume. Also, Brilliant Van Gogh Costume.

PICASSO  Dove of peace

Another key painting of Picasso was his simple bird drawing a symbol of peace.

Jean-Michel Basquiat...one of my favorites.

“THE GREAT” Jean-Michel Basquiat

AO November Auction Roundup 2 of 5 (AO On-Site): Sotheby’s Contemporary Art Evening Sale, New York, Tuesday, November Sotheby’s crushed by guarantees, Eli Broad: “It’s a half-price sale”