hard boiled eggs, cherry tomatoes with feta sprinkled on top. So clever.

Toadstool Bites for a Fairy Party - made out of hard boiled eggs, cherry tomatoes, and feta sprinkles.how about deviled egg mixture under the cherry tomatoes?

owlie pillows

easy owl stuffies going to make these for a friend who is decorating her baby girls nursery in owls!

leaves for the wishing tree

: A Baby Shower Inspired by a Woodland Forest A wishing tree! The guests can write a wish for the family on a leaf, and we can have naked sticks to hang them on.a party activity AND a decoration?

Acorns made with hershey kisses, mini Nilla wafers and itty bitty peanut butter morsels (from a sprinkle mix)

kiss + nilla wafer + peanut butter chip = acorn cookie (I made these w/a kiss + Mini nilla wafer + icing = acorns)

Great idea!  Have to do this with my little guy.

Now I want rainbow footprints - wouldn& that be better than black baby foot print.


Vintage-Inspired Baby Shower