Gas Prices in 1970

The price of gas in I remember this. I wish we still had full service gas stations today. I'd be willing to spend extra for this service, especially in the winter.

Roll-Top style pencil box

forgot about this one. The Roll-Top style pencil box. I remember how noisy the thing was when you opened it.

First ever Wal-Mart ad

First ever Wal-Mart ad, 1962 I did not know Walmart was born the same year I was! I'm older than Walmart by about 4 months.

CBS, ABC and NBC...not to forget PBS on UHF/VHF

NBC, CBS, and ABC. And all channels went off the air at a certain time each night. Can't remember if it was midnight, maybe?

School lunch

Pizza in the school cafeteria. Why did they always serve corn with it? (Never got the pretzel with pizza, or ever in the history of school lunch)

a lot of homes had a collection of these ashtrays

Annals of Ashtrays -- the heavy bean bag base meant it could balance securely on a thin chair arm. Retro Gold Color DUK IT Bean Bag Ashtray.

Do you remember powdered soap at school?

Do you remember powdered soap at school? I forgot but yes I remember now! **************************************** Yep, I remember! I remember he scent of that soap and how messy it was when remnants hit the wet floor.

woodstock ticket

Woodstock is a happy time. It is a 3 day festival. It was on August to August People came and performed to entertain the crowd. Over people came to this festival. The whole point of this was to make peace in the world for at least 3 days.

Had to wear these swim caps at the town pools - you looked horrible when you took them off.

5146 - AquaPro Strapped Speedster Swim Cap

All women and girls were REQUIRED to wear these in any public swimming pool. Supposedly to keep hair out of the filter. I had one COVERED in plastic flowers.they did NOT keep your hair dry!) "Rubber Swimming Caps - hated these!