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Frozen / Tangled Crossover

Frozen / Tangled Crossover

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Frozen / Tangled crossover


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Haha! #frozen Hans dream #tangled

  • Mary Lou Easter
    Mary Lou Easter


The artist meant for this to be Elsa, if she wasn’t born with ice powers. But in my head, this could also be Elsa's mother during the prequel. You know, when they tell the story of the first generation if sisterly love, between her and her sister, Rapunzel's mother. (I NEEEEED A PREQUEL, DISNEY!) Artist - aelfethart

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Frozen / Tangled crossover - Rapunzel and Eugene visit Arendelle

  • Dusti Salisbury-Winters
    Dusti Salisbury-Winters

    my oldest daughter is trying to draw this right now

Elsa, Anna and Rapunzel. This would be a good coloring page for your wall!!! Maria Canavello Mrasek Canavello Mrasek Canavello Mrasek Canavello Mrasek Mayer Stephanie Close Close Close Close Markfort

Frozen / Tangled crossover - The Stabbington brothers are two of Prince Hans' older brothers.

Elsa, Anna And Rapunzel

Elsa, Anna And Rapunzel Definitely Look Like Legit Cousins…

Elsa and Rapunzel

Frozen / Tangled crossover - Princess Rapunzel & Princess Anna - Optimistic dreamers

Frozen / Tangled Crossover - The Queen of Corona and the former Queen of Arendelle are sisters.

  • Luz González
    Luz González

    I dont understand

  • Erin Erb
    Erin Erb

    And the moms are sisters- makes so much sense! Navigate with Style Flo Bear

  • Flo Bear
    Flo Bear

    Erin Erb Navigate with Style I love this!

  • Navigate with Style
    Navigate with Style

    It just keeps getting better! Erin Erb Flo Bear

  • Pamela Hogan
    Pamela Hogan

    ... That is your opinion.

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Rapunzel & Elsa edit by: vyettri Rapunzel & Elsa Character Art by: Brittney Lee

This is literally what I thought of when I saw Frozen. He looks so much like Maximus! <---- Duh! Didn't you know that Maximus and this random Arendelle Royal Guard horse are cousins? So, of course they look alike! (j/k)

I realize Anna is holding goslings, but it's close enough, right? :)

Frozen / Tangled Crossover - Queen Elsa and Princess Rapunzel - Best Cousins! (Based on the widely-accepted, but slightly unofficial canon that the Queen of Corona and the former Queen of Arendelle are sisters.)

Frozen / Tangled Crossover - The King and Queen of Arendelle depart on their journey from Arendelle to Corona, to witness the marriage of their niece, Princess Rapunzel, to Eugene Fitzherbert. (Based on the widely-accepted, but slightly unofficial canon that the Queen of Corona and the former Queen of Arendelle are sisters.)

Frozen / Tangled Crossover - When Queen Elsa sets off an eternal winter in Arendelle, Princess Rapunzel and Eugene Fitzherbert are trapped there, while Princess Anna goes to look for her sister.

  • Ann Song
    Ann Song

    Lol! They would be trapped there wouldn't they!

Frozen / Tangled crossover - Cousins, Elsa, Anna, and Rapunzel

Frozen / Tangled Crossover - "The former Queen of Arendelle and the Queen of Corona are sisters, which make Rapunzel, Anna, and Elsa cousins." ... I hereby accept this as a true fact. For one thing, it's nice to think about another generation of sisterly love. For another thing, it calms down the people complaining that Elsa and Anna look so similar to Rapunzel. Next time they bring it up, just say, "Of course they look similar. They are cousins, after all!"

  • Tiana

    Check out my pin on my board,Disney.the king of Arendelle has more in common with the queen of Corona.

  • Pamela Hogan
    Pamela Hogan

    I saw your theory a few days ago, and respectfully disagree that the King of Arendelle looks more like the Queen of Corona. I think the queens look just like each other, and I like the idea of another generation of sisters, and think their story of sisterly love would make a great Frozen/Tangled crossover prequel! I also have a head cannon that Kristoff and Anna have two daughters, which creates another generation of sisters, and opens up a place for yet another sequel about sisterly love.

  • Bella Schneider
    Bella Schneider

    I saw Rapunzel in the movie at cornation day.

  • Camryn #tbci ✔️
    Camryn #tbci ✔️

    I always thought Repunzel's mom was gorgeous.

  • Toad

    Wow I never knew that

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Frozen / Tangled Crossover - SISTERS - The Queen of Corona and the Queen of Arendelle - The words are from a Frozen storybook. ... Love the colors of these two sisters, how they compliment each other, just like Elsa's and Anna's colors. - THIS MAKES ME WONDER, SINCE ELSA WAS BORN WITH MAGICAL POWERS (AND PRESUMABLY ANNA USED TO HAVE THEM, BEFORE THE TROLL TOOK THEM AWAY), THEN IT COULD BE HEREDITARY. SO, DID THE MAGIC COME FROM THE MATERNAL BLOODLINE? AND IF SO, DID EACH OF THESE SISTERS HAVE A MAGICAL POWER? I NEEEEED A PREQUEL, DISNEY!!!!

  • Audrey Beaton
    Audrey Beaton

    But Anna did say to the Duke of Wesseltown that she didn't have any powers.

  • Rose Weasley
    Rose Weasley

    Not anymore. Grand pappie took away her powers at the beginning. When he said: I will take away all magic even memory's of magic. He obviously didn't take away Elsa's powers and defintly took away Anna's memory of Elsa's powers so why not her own? Elsa has ice powers and icey blond hair so it's possible Anna's red hair was for Fire or Heat.

  • Audrey Beaton
    Audrey Beaton

    Good point!

  • Callista Elizabeth
    Callista Elizabeth

    if anna had fire powers, would she be evil. When you here the Let it Burn song (a fire parody to let it go) it makes elsa sound evil, so would anna be evil if she had those powers?

  • Rose Weasley
    Rose Weasley

    No I think just like Elsa Anna wouldn't want to be evil or hurt anyone but she perhaps couldn't help it just like her sister. Elsa never wanted to be evil she was just scared

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Tangled / Frozen Crossover - Princess Rapunzel's kingdom, Corona, and her cousins, Queen Elsa's and Princess Anna's kingdom, Arendelle

Tangled / Frozen Crossover - The Queen of Corona and the Queen of Arendelle are sisters.

  • Becky Uibel
    Becky Uibel

    Is it just me, or does Elsa have the same hairstyle at her coronation that her mom has when they go see the trolls?

  • Pamela Hogan
    Pamela Hogan

    It isn't just you. It is the exact same hairstyle, complimented by the fact that Elsa looks so much like her mama. That was a very popular, traditionally royal hairstyle, worn by many of Arendelle's former queens.

  • Becky Uibel
    Becky Uibel

    Cool. Thanks!

  • Katniss Rue Novak
    Katniss Rue Novak

    Have you seen the theory about Rapunzel's mother being related to the King of Arendelle? It talks about more of the facial makeup, versus just being the two wide-eyed females with brown hair. It points out the the Queen of Corona has a stronger jawline and lighter hair than the Queen of Arendelle. It's a really cool theory, and it's something I didn't even think about. :)

Tangled / Frozen Crossover - After she was reunited with her family, Rapunzel auctioned off her items from the tower, donating the proceeds to the orphanage where Eugene grew up. At the auction there was little interest in the instrument, because it was broken. Oaken sent his oldest boy to the auction as a representative, to buy some items for the Trading Post. He bought the instrument for a good price, but no one knew how to fix it. So they sold it to Kristoff Bjorgman for only a few dollars.

  • Bekah Eagle
    Bekah Eagle


  • Sara Thudium
    Sara Thudium

    Great true story

  • Cello Seras
    Cello Seras

    Nice, but theres no proof its true, but none its fake, either, so hats off to you!

Tangled / Frozen Crossover - BEST COUSINS - Queen Elsa, Princess Rapunzel, and Princess Anna (Based on the widely-accepted, but slightly unofficial canon that the Queen of Corona and the former Queen of Arendelle are sisters.)

Tangled / Frozen Crossover - BEST COUSINS - Princess Rapunzel and Princess Anna (Based on the widely-accepted, but slightly unofficial canon that the Queen of Corona and the former Queen of Arendelle are sisters.)