Really been noticing this recently. We are limited by so many things, that don't even matter. Like following someones rules, and doing things the way everyone else does. I just want to let go of all those blocks, and make my own path.


glamorous. fabulous. charming. fun. flirty. elegant. exciting. delicate. whimsical. wonderful. dramatic. cute. dreamy. alluring. magnificent. daring. enticing. enchanting. charming. sassy. sexy. sweet. artistic. creative. exquisite. stunning. daring....

Who is putting all of the math books in the horror section? all torn up when I organize the book shelves and then children READ my books and don't put them back in the right spot!

There are all kinds of hugs in this world, but silly hugs from a child are among the best. Meditating on the value of things that come with no price tag, today. Hugs from my daughter brighten any day!

It amazes me how these two images capture more beauty and than any fashion magazine ever could with skinny airbrushed celebrities plasted across the front. Beauty truly lies within the moment, behind the reaction. Say hello to the magic of action shots.