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Showy Shade Gardens • Wonderful tips and ideas!

Those who use it swear that using Epsom salt on plants make them lush and healthier. Find out yourself, see these 13 Epsom salt uses in garden.

How to Plant Peas. And what's the difference between snow, snap and shell peas? #gardening #peas #homesteading #selfsufficiency

Its been many years since I made a living wreath. As I tidied the greenhouse I came across all the supplies I would need. I have the wire frame needed. All I need to get is wire, moss and plants. T…

Cranberry blossoms

Garden Blogger Bloom Day-April 2016

Planning the Herb Garden

Are you growing seedlings for the garden? If so, how do you get your plants ready for planting outside? If you grow plants from seed in your home or greenhouse there is a  transition period before …

Rose Hip, Rosehip, Flower

Starting seeds on the ping-pong table

I love shade gardening. Its my refuge to a garden full of wonderful foliage plants. You see after flowers finish, the foliage of plants remain. It’s wise to chose plants with either great lea…

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Vegetable Planting Chart for the Pacific Northwest (via HipChickDigs). Includes when to direct sow, transplant and harvest all year.

My favorite evergreen edibles: Sunshine blueberry, bay leaf tree, and more (via HipChickDigs)

My 2016 vegetable garden plan for four 4' x 8' raised beds (via HipChickDigs)

Build Soil Quality with Dried Leaves (via HipChickDigs) - an inexpensive and organic way to break up tough soil.

Growing bell peppers in pots is a great idea if you're short of space or live in a cold temperate climate as it requires warm soil to thrive.

What do you grow when you have room for just a few plants? You can grow these 5 expensive foods to save money.

Growing Cucamelons at the garden. SEEDS PLANTED FEB 2016.

Climbing bean blossoms