What Politicians Don't Want You to Know About Food Stamps: For every $1 in SNAP benefits generates $1,73 in economic activity, according to Moody’s Economist Mark Zandi.

Politicians are lying to you. Food stamps are not evil. Just think about it, by providing food stamps, jobs are created. Big food business meets food demand by employing staff to keep up with demand.

An Editorial Calendar Equals Lots of Content from One Idea says Gini Dietrich

An editorial calendar is easy to create when you think about it as a main topic, sub-topics, and a supportive base. Get 11 pieces of content from one idea.

Content Marketing: Marketing, Communication or Something New

Know your client! - a must in any business and, more than ever, in PR.

#Journalists Consider #PRs the 2nd Most Popular Information Source for a Story

Cision released its 2013 Social Journalism Survey, and found that despite popular belief, journalists do rely on PRs when sourcing their stories.

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awesome Protected Toys and Presents Consciousness Month: Pledge for Items that Supply Again

A Book In a Blanket - The Gift that Gives

A Book In a Blanket - The Gift that Gives

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger

In hospitality, every season brings something new and marketing, advertising, and PR need to align with certain events of the year. Each passing month has its highlights, some attracting more business than others. Valentine’s Day, for example, is a gold mine for companies all over the world. Summers are ideal for beach properties, winters beckon with skiing resorts, autumns bring harvest festivals like Oktoberfest, and the list of examples goes on forever, as each destination is different…

A recent report of the UK journalism industry questioned the influence of PR, making for rather interesting reading. Liam Britnell takes a look at the report.

Sion Rapson

Q & A With Sion Rapson of the World Travel Awards

Interesting #travel stats from #Brandwatch

Brandwatch Report on Social Listening a Head Turner for Hospitality

@Brian Solis: Moment of Truth Time: Choosing the Right Messenger. #briansolis

The future of content marketing - an interview with Brian Solis - Technorati Business