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Glow in the dark Party.... neon colored paper cut into strips (to hang by black lights), balloons with glow sticks, she put black plastic on her walls

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So, the Funhouse bathroom turned out better than I expected! I still wanted to have all the dolls I bought sitting on the shelf but they don't fit...ugh. Wasted money but more dolls for next year!Here is the view from the entrance: Side View: View of exit:View of Exit with the string/web in view:I might still find some things to throw in here or there but this room really took a lot of time! The room is so thin and with a ladder/toilet and a big lamp in the way it's just

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16 Fun DIY Crafts for Kids Sleepover Activities

How To Have A Cool DIY Black light Party For Kids | Easy & Fun Creative Craft Projects For Kids By DIY Ready.

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Glow in Dark Frosting Glow Birthday Party Cupcake Cake #Blacklight #Neon #Teen #13

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UV glow/neon tulle oh my lord i want this! I don't know what i'm going to do with it, but awesome!!!!!

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