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    Extraordinary lives

    Extraordinary lives

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    Mr. and Mrs. Hendrix Jimi's Hendrix Grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Hendrix -- Jimi's Grandparents Zenora “Nora” Moore, Jimi’s paternal grandmother, was born on November 19, 1883 in Georgia to Fanny Moore, originally from Ohio, and Robert Moore Sr., a Georgia native. Fanny Moore was half Cherokee and half African American.

    Joséphine Baker, France, années 1920

    Norman Rockwell working on "Golden Rule" in his South Street, Stockbridge, Massachusetts, studio, 1960. Photo by Bill Scovill.

    The last photograph of the Romanovs before their execution.

    Queen Victoria's Highlander, John Brown 1871. The dogs are Corran, Dacho, Rochie and Sharp, who was Queen Victoria’s favourite.

    Maya Angelou and Langston Hughes

    Henri Matisse in his studio in 1953,

    The Fascinating Story Behind Why So Many Nail Technicians Are Vietnamese

    Wyatt Earp dealing at one of the Oriental Saloon's faro tables. To his right, Doc Holliday. Wyatt Earp became manager of the Oriental Saloon, entitling him to receive one-quarter interest in its faro concession. Tombstone, Arizona January 1881 © Bisbee Mining and Historical Museum

    Annie Oakley

    Jimmy Hoffa on the phone, 1958.

    Amy Winehouse. °

    Einstein, who was adopted by the Hopi, was named "The Great Relative" by them. Einstein stated that the religion of the future will arise from the experience of all things natural and spiritual as "a meaningful unity". What great cohesiveness that The Great Relative gave us relativity.

    Her name is Annie Lumpkins and she was a Freedom Rider. She is pictured at the city jail in Little Rock July 10, 1961. She believed in your Right to Vote so much that she went to jail. #Vote

    Artist Shepard Fairey has created this exquisit print to commemorate Woody Guthrie's 100th birthday. Only 450 signed and numbered prints will be produced and generously donated as a fundraiser for the Woody Guthrie Foundation. Thank you, Shepard! click for more info

    Nancy Reagan and Mr. T, 1983. They look like this is just how they hang when they're together. It's oddly casual and affectionate.

    Maria Montessori was born in Italy in 1870. Dr. Montessori was the first woman to receive a medical degree in Italy, and following graduation she became director of a school for the mentally disabled in Rome. While at this school she formulated her philosophies, principles, and methods for the education of very young children. She achieved startling results and the children under her tutelage passed many exams given to normal children. Her system of education, which proudly bears her ...

    Red Skelton, Lucille Ball, and Gene Kelly

    Muhammad Ali took on “Smokin’ Joe” Frazier in the "fight of the century." See more photos from the match with LIFE. (photo: John Shearer - Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images)

    The freewheeling' Bob Dylan

    Walker Evans, New York City - License Photo Studio, Notary, Road Test and Plates (1934)

    Amanda Lovelace Day: October 15, 2013 A Day to Remember the First Computer Programmer Was a Woman By CLAIRE CAIN MILLER

    Anne Frank at the Montessori school in 1940. She is 11 years old.

    Queen Mary holding her granddaughter, Princess Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth II), circa 1927.

    Monsieur Madame Monet