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a poster with the words velocity and acceleratetion task cards on it
Velocity and Acceleration Task Cards Word Problems & Graphing
This 32 card set is arranged 4 to a page with velocity and acceleration word problems and graphing tasks. Appropriate for a physical science class or a beginning physics class. For instance, I currently teach at a school that teaches physics to all high school freshmen; I can use these task cards with them, no problem. I have also have used them in my 8th grade physical science classes.
a cat laying on its back with the caption getting your sweater unraveled in 3 2 1
Potential energy converts to kinetic energy in 3... 2... 1...
Potential energy converts to kinetic energy in 3... 2... 1...
an info sheet describing how to use the water bottle for camping and swimming in the ocean
The bottle flipping craze… how it started & why it’s a GOOD thing - Your Modern Family
water bottle flipping
an image of a man with a cell phone in front of him and the words sound on it
Sound: Crash Course Physics #18
Crash Course Physics: Sound
a facebook page with pictures of paper plates and letters on the bottom right hand corner
STEM Challenge for Kids: Design a Paper Plate Marble Maze
<3 this nifty, affordable marble maze!
a lego man driving a toy car made out of legos on a white table
Physics – homeschoolsciencegeek
Follow along as HomeschoolScienceGeek blogs about using RSO Physics Level 1
a woman standing in front of a kitchen counter
Energy Transformations Lesson | Science4Us
In this interactive activity, students use clues to infer which energy transformation is needed to complete a task.
several wooden sticks are connected to each other with ropes in the shape of arms and legs
Pulley activity from NASA. Physics activity, simple machine activity #homeschool . Apologia Chemistry and Physics, Jeannie Fulbright
a man standing on top of a blue table next to other people in a room
Gravity Visualized
Awesome Physics Teacher Dan Burns Explains Gravity In A Way Anyone Can Understand (VIDEO)
a person is painting different colored paint on a table with a yellow and green balloon
excellent rube goldberg demonstrating all 6 simple machines
a man is sitting at a table with an array of candy on clothes pins in front of him
Wave Machine Demonstration
How to build your own Wave Machine physics demo | The Kid Should See This
a woman wearing a blue dress and bow tie standing in front of a mirror with her arms crossed
Simple Machines with Bill Nye
Simple Machines
an image of a cartoon character on a boat with other characters in the back ground
simple machines…great video to introduce simple machines!
a man is pulling a clock on a rope with his hand and the words pulley are in front of him
Simple Machines
All 6 Simple Machines explained