If Not Invisible, Make It Beautiful

Fencing for deer and privacy.
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Whether you want to protect plants or simply create a protective barrier around your garden, our plastic barrier fencing has you covered. It’s lightweight, rolls out easily, and can be cut down to accommodate your custom needs without any hassles. Our garden border edging fence is the perfect choice for all your gardening and landscaping projects. It can easily be installed in a matter of minutes and be reused while offering plenty of versatility to help create sturdy barriers anywhere you want.

Deer Fencing Tricks

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Simple and Beautiful Deer Fence That Works
Do you have a vegetable garden and are frustrated that the deer are eating all of your produce? An inexpensive deer fence is the solution to your problem! See our ideas for a DIY deer fence. This decorative fence not only is beautiful, but we were able to retain our views, yet keep the deer out. Our deer fence includes 2 gates for easy access. It’s easy and cheap to build too! #deerfenceideas #deerfencegate #deerfenceforgarden
a house surrounded by trees and plants with a fence in the foreground that has a red roof
Pacific Horticulture | Defending Dinner
there is a fence in the middle of a field
Cheap Garden Fencing To Keep Deer Out (Cheap Deer Fencing)
a drawing of a deer standing in front of a fence with flowers growing on it
Dalen Deer-X Fencing 7' x 100'
Dalen Deer-X Fencing 7' x 100'
the diagram shows how to measure different poles
Deer will jump high but not wide.
a white fence in the middle of a grassy field
Lower fencing raised
You can make a higher fence by using tall posts and wire to prevent deer from jumping into properties.
a wooden gate in the middle of a yard with rocks and plants around it, next to a green house
Attractive deer fencing with open wood design
a fire hydrant sitting in the middle of a lush green yard
Open wood fencing to keep deer out.
This is an attractive style of fencing that doesn't make you feel locked in but keeps deer out.
some animals are grazing in the grass behind a fenced in area with trees and blue sky
Solidlock livestock fencing for deer
Virtually invisible and lasts decades when properly installed. Best way to keep deer out.