White Lantern (Hal Jordan)

Something brett booth and i did for fun. Pencils: Brett Booth Colors: Me © DC Comics White Lantern Hal Jordan

Lantern oaths. White, whose oath has not yet been spoken, represent life. Red is rage. Orange is avarice. Yellow, the Sinestro Corps, is fear. Green is willpower. Blue is hope. Indigo tribe (oath spoken and written in native tongue) is compassion. Star Sapphires wield love. Black represent death.

Just thought I'd clear up any confusions...

Ummmmm..... What about white? Still a great picture lol

Oh yes i have to say darkest night was an awesome series you got all these corps and its just amazing ( Green Lantern Corps, Red Lantern Corps, Orange Lantern Corps, Sinestro Corps, Blue Lantern.

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