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Pantano Christian Church embraces a wide diversity of people - Loving people to Jesus, launching passionate people to make our world different.
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"Any treasure I find belongs to God. I am God’s treasure manager." -Pastor Roger Blumenthal #TheHuntSeries #PantanoChristian

"Any treasure I find belongs to God. I am God’s treasure manager.

The Gods of Pleasure

There is a false religion by the name of pleasure. In the temple of pleasure you’ll find the idols of food, entertainment, sex. Gifts of pleasure are gifts…

Idolatry - Really?

Idolatry was a huge issue in the Bible but it seems like a relic of the past. Is idolatry really an issue today? There are gods that battle for control…

All In With Jesus - All In With His Church

Holding back results in just that, you are held back from real life. Real life is experienced when we are all in. We see this in every aspect of life from business…

Recognize Unsafe

What makes it unsafe to be in community? What makes being in a group dangerous and risky is that fact that we all are selfish and out of our selfishness…


We are all wounded and broken. The norm is to protect our wounds and keep all that under wraps. In order to own our shortcomings, we need to come clean about who…


We face a challenge - we want to be safe and we want real connection but they are not so compatible. Our natural human value of being safe often keeps us from a…

One Word: Focus

It’s a New Year and we want things to be new! And at this time of the year, we often make New Year’s resolutions. The problem is that there is so much…

Charlie Brown Christmas

Christmas has been under attack. Jesus is being taken out of Christmas in so many ways. It is easy to be distracted from the heart of Christmas - the birth of Jesus.

Christmas Vacation

During the Holidays we tend to spend more time with family.and just what are we expecting to happen?


Christmas joy is best expressed when we put our love of Jesus into action. (Note: due to copyright restrictions, the movie clips referenced in this message have…

It’s a Wonderful Life

Mary practiced “hiding treasures in her heart” often. How can we practice the discipline of celebration to help be the kind of folks that evaluation…

Why Was Jesus Baptized?

In every way Jesus is our model and example, even in baptism. So what was Jesus modeling when he was baptized? Why was he baptized? In baptism, Jesus promised that…

Boldly Ask For Grace

Grace is a scandalous concept. It is not really well received in or honored by the culture of the world! The world wants to silence grace. But we must shout for…

The Scandal of Unqualified Grace

Here’s an undisputable fact: no one is qualified for grace by their own merit! We were all disqualified, which paradoxically makes us qualified! Jesus is attracted…