Pantone's 50th Anniversary

For 5 decades we have been providing innovative, responsive products for color inspiration, communication, matching and quality assurance.

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Pantone's 50th Anniversary

Pantone's 50th Anniversary

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A Satellite grey toned dancer marvels in this photograph by Jim De Block

Ballet Portfolio

A Satellite grey toned dancer marvels in this photograph by Jim De Block

ÐanCe~iN mOtioN/design

Satellite's minimal grey shines in this elaborate image of a temple of by graphic designer Adam Grania.

Bahai Temple on the Pantone Canvas Gallery

See the world of Marseille through an Aspen Green lens in this photograph by Pablo de Selva.

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Aspen Green printed wallpaper elegantly contrasts this minimal interior by CreativeAffairs.

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Aspen Green leads us down a never ending road in the hills by illustrator Nacho Gallego.

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These red chili peppers are the perfect shade of Pantone Chili Pepper!

carrefour on the Pantone Canvas Gallery
  • Ewerton Bispo
    Ewerton Bispo

    Um pouco de Roberta Pimenta ! ❤️

This Chili Pepper red skateboard design by Zhan Wei was inspired by traditional Chinese medicine packaging.

What Chinese medicine__Skateboard

Cerulean sky is the perfect backdrop for this couple out for a romantic motorcycle ride.

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An elephant flies through a Cerulean sky with the help of colorful balloons. We wonder if he knows that Cerulean Blue was the Pantone color of the year in 2000...

Flying Elephant

African languages are inked into the Lead Grey sand of this ephemeral work of art by Andrew van der Merwe.

African beach calligraphy 2009

The Eiffel Tower's Lead Grey framework contrasts a subdued sky in this photo by Gokhun Guneyhan.

La Ville-Lumière II

Fire Cracker orange gets playful with a furry friend in this illustration by Ava Wachter.

Curiosity Digital Paintings
  • Frances Oglesby
    Frances Oglesby

    Such a pretty cat

Fire Cracker's blazoned orange color goes international in this quirky illustration of London Broadway Market by Denis Zullan.

London E8 * Broadway Market

The 90's Scuba Blue is right on cue! This iconic color is captured by illustrator Fitz Fitzpatrick just in time for Pantone's 50th anniversary.

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Regal geishas woo while surrounded by Scuba Blue. These Kokeshi Dolls were crafted by Hine Mizushima.

Japanese Kokeshi Dolls

Super Lemon yellow is anything but mellow in this multifaceted orchid by Poppy Reid.

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Super Lemon's vibrance is captured in this psychedelic pattern by Suma Balaram.

Make Art, Not War

A Bonsai tree brings balance and zen to this Overcast beige pot by Aarish Netarwala.

Baransu | Balance
  • mr. designer
    mr. designer

    This is definitely a serene design aesthetic!

Overcast is the perfect grain-colored canvas for Sara Maese's modern take on a classic pair of kicks.

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Overcast complements the blushing faces of these lifelike paper girls by Mercedes deBellard.

Paper girls on the Pantone Canvas Gallery

This week we are celebrating the colors of the 1990s!

PANTONE Turns 50: Celebrate and Save

PANTONE Turns 50: Celebrate and Save This Week's Palette - the 1980s! #red #blue #purple #mauve #Golden50 #pantone

PANTONE Turns 50: Celebrate and Save

This Pantone ad is from the '70s. REPIN if you dig it! #Golden50 #pantone

PANTONE Turns 50: Celebrate and Save
  • Alanah Jones
    Alanah Jones

    Chelsey Freyta #amaze

  • Chelsey Freyta
    Chelsey Freyta

    alanahjones OMG

PANTONE Turns 50: Colors of the 1960s "In the 1960s, bright fluorescent colors were popular everywhere, from posters to peace symbols, from miniskirts to minibuses." #pantone #Golden50 #vintage

PANTONE Turns 50: Celebrate and Save