Lake Powell - The 186-mile long lake offers sandy beaches, cool blue water, and exceptional red-rock scenery.

Lake Powell, Utah - Lake Powell is a man-made reservoir on the Colorado river. Located in the United States between Utah and Arizona, Lake Powell is surrounded by magnificent Navajo sandstone canyon walls in bright oranges, reds, and whites

Pamukkale, Turkey. You can swim in these!

1995 - Natural phenomenom in Turkey. Pammukale is a gorgeous natural tourist attraction in Turkey. It's a bunch of ever-changing cascading pools formed by hot springs, which trickle down and re-deposit the limestone-based travertines.

Great Camper from the Vera Bradley catalogue

wood camper pod (from the Vera Bradley catalogue). Let's travel across the country with this

More info on the Holiday House or "Model X" as it was know at one time, interesting history

1960 Holiday House Model X prototype as found. This guy bought it for only "a couple hundred bucks" in Sigh.

Saturnia, Tuscany, Italy~ The Terme di Saturnia -One legend, according to the Etruscans and Romans, was that the Terme di Saturnia were formed by lightning bolts, thrown by Jupiter. During a violent quarrel between the two mythological deities, the bolts thrown towards Saturn had missed, causing the formations.

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Very nice teardrop...

Very nice teardrop motorhome, unk make. Teardrop RV camper camping glamping motorhome bus streamlined aerodynamic retro futuristic cool sleek custom show concept prototype

I love this look

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