Dale Chihuly Glass Art - Persian Seaform Ceiling - Oklahoma City Museum of Art.

Dale Chihuly Glass Art - Persian Seaform Ceiling - Oklahoma City Museum of Art--Amazingly vivid colors!

Artistic process, Poster by Agusta Agustsson‎ in Midwest TAB-Choice Art Teachers, with a nod to Julie Toole. (pinning here so I can see at school)

Louise Bourgeois- "I want to..."   (on scratch paper)

Stuff of dreams: Louise Bourgeois at the Freud Museum – in pictures

Louise Bourgeois "I want to." A loose sheet in English, circa 1962 Photograph: Louise Bourgeois Archive, New York, and the Easton Foundation.

Lake Superior Agates

[traditional birth stone] The MN State gem: Beautiful Lake Superior Agates - found on both north (MN) and south (WI) shores of Lake Superior. - Agates are semi precious stones so common on Lake Superior beaches no one pays much attention.

Paul Klee

artemisdreaming: Monument on the Border of the Fertile Country, pen and watercolour on paper, mounted on cardboard, Rosengart Collection, Lucerne Paul Klee

Agnona's Stefano Pilati sits down with Tim Blanks for Style.com/Print

Tommy Ton Shoots Street Style at the Fall 2014 Fashion Shows. I like the color palette in this outfit. The hat and the jacket are nice touches.

John Singer Sargent - Garden Study of the Vickers Children, 1884. Oil on canvas

"Garden Study of the Vickers Children" -- 1884 -- John Singer Sargent -- American -- Oil on canvas -- Flint Institute of Arts

Drawings of the moon by Galileo Galilei, January 7, 1610

[ANTIQUE WORLD] Sketches of the moon from Galileo’s “Sidereus Nuncius,” a short treatise on Galileo’s early observations of the Moon, the stars, and the moons of Jupiter; it was the first scientific treatise based on observations made through a telescope.

five ways to make things happen | lara casey


Gabriel Joseph Marie Augustin Ferrier  “Evening”

Gabriel Joseph Marie Augustin Ferrier(Gabriel Ferrier) “Evening” Ferrier was a French artist living from 1847 to 1914

Letter from Eugene Delacroix.

Personal Letters From Great Artists to Their Friends and Family - Eugene Delacroix to Mr. Haro, his paint dealer.