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José Crochet: Free crochet pattern heart ♥

José Crochet: Free pattern ♥♥♥ HEART ♥♥♥ pattern is for the basic heart and then embellish at your will! What fun! Same pattern as the door stop (actually not a stop, but helps the door shut quietly by hanging over the top of the door) Thanks

Free Pattern for Crochet Hawaiian Flower Motif: The pattern is actually splattered on four web pages (annoying) but if you just click to each one, you could copy/paste into a word document (which is what I did) to have them all on one place...The flowers alone, not so cool, but all together, as a blankie, FABOO!

I love these bright and cheerful Hawaiian Flowers. Sarah London’s intensely colorful crochet work always makes me smile. The post The Perfect DIY Crochet Hawaiian Flower With Free Pattern appeared first on The Perfect DIY.