Jewelry Hang Tags, 1.5" x 1.75" : Maybe to big for rings, but perfect for bracelets and necklaces.

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Sea Shells Beach Digital Download Stock by LiveHappyStock on Etsy

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Assembly diagram

The Shower of Stoles Project - Arrange for an Exhibit

PVC Display Stand Or… if you're feeling a bit industrious, you can easily make a stole display stand out of PVC pipe and fittings for about $15.

The Shower of Stoles Project - Arrange for an Exhibit

Screen Door Displays.

Vintage Show Off: Screen Door Displays

craft organization made out of pie tins! I had my husband spray paint the pie tins and then I used it in the bathroom to store all the stuff that's on the counters.

{a} My World: happy friday...

nice set up

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DIY Pedestals for displaying objects {tutorial}

DIY Pedestals for Displaying Objects - Landee See Landee Do

Draw the table on the table cover. Now that's one way to have all your pieces identical. Clever.

My Favorite Craft Displays

Craft+Booth+Display+Ideas | Craft Fair Booth display ideas / a89f235cacf311e1b00112313800c5e4_7

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Necklace display - soda bottles

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♥ White Lace Cottage

Transforming My Garage Into A Shop - White Lace Cottage

Craft Display

Craft Display Booth Ideas and Photos

Festival booth

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How Clever!! Upside metal trash can for jewelry display. Great idea! Can spray paint easily. Place on lazy Susan for easy viewing - Not sure I totally love this idea but I have to admit it's clever and a low-cost display idea. I think it would be executed better.

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Apps for crafty's!!

Craftaholics Anonymous® | Smart Phone Apps for Crafters

booth set up

Step Ladder Display

Info on craft shows

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Craft Fairs

Craft Fairs: Find Success, Make the Sale

Craft Fair This would get attention!

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DIY Shabby Chic Dangly Earring Display

Tutorial: Shabby Chic Dangly Earring Display | Kevin & Amanda | Food & Travel Blog

Jewelry display

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booth set up What to Bring to an Arts & Craft Fair

What to Bring to an Arts & Craft Fair

very pretty setup for the stall

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DIY Cardboard Necklace Display Tutorial and Pattern from Stella + Hodge here. Middle Photo: The original tutorial and pattern for this are from Home Jewelry Business Success Tips by Rena Klingenberg here. All Other Photos: DIY by Stella + Hodge. You can cover this bust in paper or fabric.

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