Manuel Ameztoy's installation, cut textiles is extraordinary. Imagine your wedding decked out with layered colour like this. Wow!  Check it out here;

Manuel Ameztoy

Argentinian artist Manuel Ameztoy has created Paraísos desplegables (Pop-up Paradises), a site-specific solo exhibition in the Faena Arts Center in Buenos Aires. The installation reaches 630 m² of cut.

Craig Costello in Hawaii.

Krink "Site-Specific Painting and Sculpture" Exhibition @ Loft in Space Recap: Artist and founder of art supply brand/creative studio KRINK, Craig Costello, has opened his inaugural show in Honolulu, Hawaii with an ambitious unde.


"The Quarter Screw is capital (the quarter) fused to labor (the screwdriver) with (as always) capital at the head and labor getting the shaft.

Peruvian Chicha Afiches.

Popular designs featuring concerts and popular festivities. Found everywhere in the popular districts of, mostly, Lima but also whole Peru.

Nani Puspasari's "Belong" painting.   "CLICK"

Nani Puspasari 'Belong' Acrylic, thread on canvas, 101 x 171 cm The Space that Measures Distance // Chinese Museum / Melbourne, AU ht.

Roid x Horff.

Roid x Horff.

Storyboard P, an amazing dancer from Brooklyn, NY.

Storyboard P is a dancer from Brooklyn, New York. Here he dances outside his hotel room to a song 'Flight' by Toyface, a singer from Bristol in the UK.

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