Easy Sewing project for beginners - How to Sew a tote bag - Crossbody bag - Craft - DIY - Gift idea - Fall fashion - DIY Sewing tutorial - how to sew a bag

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Everything You Need to Know About Sewing: 50 Tips, Tricks and Techniques for all skill levels

Stay organized and productive with these 15 Amazing Sewing Table Designs made with your creative space in mind.

. Sometimes I forget that not everyone knows how to do something or is familiar with a technique. Like attaching snaps, for example. Snaps are easy, easy, easy. And can be used instead of buttons/buttonholes (if you hate sewing those), hand-stitching something into place (which takes time), or because a pattern calls for them. I …

Appliqué is a fun way to express yourself with fabric. Learn How to Applique by following these simple steps. It's easier than you think. | Popular Pin

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