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Extension of a House in Bořislav / 3+1 architekti

Built by architekti in Bořislav, Czech Republic with date Images by Pavel Plánička. Lack of space and tight layout of the existing house led builder to the decision to add an extension. The west side o.

The Confidence! I love this. Navy Prada Pants, Crisp Tom Ford White Shirt, Unlined Blazer Men's fashion and style

This simple infographic produced by ANTONIO CENTENO of RMRS shows you How should a dress shirt fit?  Check out this infographic and let us know what you think of this in the comments.

How A Dress Shirt Should Fit. The only way to get the perfect fit. Use to sew all my boys and guys their own shirts with the perfect fit from my own pattern design.

four shoes every man should own // http://brenttzu.wordpress.com/

I think boat shoes will be the first thing I buy when I get my first seven figure bonus. I'm just going to buy a shit-ton (metric measurement) of boat shoes. Maybe a matching boat for some of 'em.