Parent2Parent of Georgia

Parent2Parent of Georgia
Atlanta, Georgia / P2PGA provides support, information and training to families impacted by disabilities and special health care needs. 1-800-229-2038
Parent2Parent of Georgia
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10 Reasons for Inclusive Schools #specialeducation #teaching #disabilities #community #inclusion

This poster can be used by teachers and schools to promote inclusive education and raise awareness for supporting students with special needs. It can be displayed in a classroom, at the school office, on a bulletin board or even in a newsletter.

A new guide from the US Department of Education offers information and guidelines for transition to adulthood that parents should be aware of.

Transition planning is a mandatory aspect of special education service delivery, according to federal special education law (IDEA 20 U. Federal law requires that school special education…

State Health Care Coverage Facts – Center For Children and Families

CCF is a health policy and research center dedicated to expanding and improving health coverage for America's children and families

Important tips for parents of children with sensory needs + you're going to LOVE this giveaway!! | Sensory | Sensory Overload | SPD | Autism | Special Needs

Calm down strategies for children who experience sensory overload. We often see sensory overload, and other sensory issues, in children diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and Autism.

27 Braille Toys for Kids Who are Blind

Of course you can add braille to almost any toy. All you need is a good braille labeler and a little space on the toy and you're good to go! But it's also exciting to find toys specifically designed for blind or visually impaired kids who are learning (or