Fun Toddler Activities

Tame any tantrum and keep preschool-aged kids entertained with our easy toddler activity ideas.
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Sure, they're geared towards kids, but Disney movies totally speak to parents, too.

Puppet play is a perfect way to let kids act out their feelings. DIY these adorable, toddler-friendly finger puppets and your kids will have the time of their lives learning about pretend play and putting on puppet shows.

Make it fun for your child to pay attention to directions with these five listening games.

Real-world lessons aren’t just for school. Your preschool-age kid will love these four educational field trips masquerading as family outings.

Want to teach your children about science? Ice cream can help! Liquid becomes more solid when its temperature drops. Why? Its molecules slow down and stick together. If they get cold enough and slow enough, they freeze. Your kids will love incorporating this frozen treat into a fun, at-home science lesson.

Enhance your two-year-old's development by play! These expert-recommended indoor activities are geared toward helping toddlers better understand their actions, behaviors, thoughts, and feelings.

Need some inspiration for what to do when you're cooped up inside? These six indoor games are great for families and for getting a healthy bit of competition.

Watch this adorable little toddler laugh hysterically as her dad tries to explain snow to her. "Daddy's funny!"

We're right in the thick of holiday shopping! Here are the top picks for educational toys you need to know about this year.

There's an overwhelming number of paid apps for kids to choose from, but which ones are worth shelling out for? Here are some fun and educational apps for 3- to 4-year-olds that'll give you the best bang for your buck, and you won't feel guilty about letting your kid use them.

Get familiar with your town by pointing out the supermarket, fire station, gas station, and other places of interest.

It takes a couple of tries for kids to get the hang of this activity, but the designs they create are quite pretty!

Children are natural investigators and they love to explore, so a scavenger hunt would be so fun for them.

Make practicing pouring skills more exciting with colored water.

Nurture your child's helpful spirit by promoting organization in your home.

If kids can handle using tongs, they might be ready to try manipulating clothes pins. Try with this fun activity.

Labeling allows children to know that everything has a set of common symbols to be written down and identified.

This pom-pom sorting game helps preschoolers develop fine motor skills.

Using everyday items, teach your child how to measure.

Use a dark marker to trace letters of the alphabet and/or numbers onto poster paper; then have your tot decorate the letters with textured items such as pipe cleaners.

Print out our free alphabet coloring sheets to help your tot learn their ABCs while sparking their creativity.

Learning the alphabet has never been so delicious! Bake mini cookies in the shape of letters and turn baking a learning experience.

We swiped, paused, clicked, and rewound through the electronic jungle picking our the best #apps, movies, and TV specials for toddlers, so you wouldn't have to.

Your tot can become a junior meteorologist and learn more about science by creating a weather window.

These 5 easy paintings and #art prints are perfect for little hands to make.