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    Fun Toddler Activities

    Tame any tantrum and keep preschool-aged kids entertained with our easy toddler activity ideas.

    Fun Toddler Activities

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    Get familiar with your town by pointing out the supermarket, fire station, gas station, and other places of interest.

    It takes a couple of tries for kids to get the hang of this activity, but the designs they create are quite pretty!

    Children are natural investigators and they love to explore, so a scavenger hunt would be so fun for them.

    Make practicing pouring skills more exciting with colored water.

    Nurture your child's helpful spirit by promoting organization in your home.

    If kids can handle using tongs, they might be ready to try manipulating clothes pins. Try with this fun activity.

    Labeling allows children to know that everything has a set of common symbols to be written down and identified.

    This pom-pom sorting game helps preschoolers develop fine motor skills.

    Using everyday items, teach your child how to measure.

    Use a dark marker to trace letters of the alphabet and/or numbers onto poster paper; then have your tot decorate the letters with textured items such as pipe cleaners.

    Print out our free alphabet coloring sheets to help your tot learn their ABCs while sparking their creativity.

    Learning the alphabet has never been so delicious! Bake mini cookies in the shape of letters and turn baking a learning experience.

    We swiped, paused, clicked, and rewound through the electronic jungle picking our the best #apps, movies, and TV specials for toddlers, so you wouldn't have to.

    Your tot can become a junior meteorologist and learn more about science by creating a weather window.

    These 5 easy paintings and #art prints are perfect for little hands to make.

    Encourage cognitive and language development with these fun, everyday learning activities.

    Beat winter boredom with these 17 indoor games and activities for families.

    Toddlers can learn about colors digitally with the educational #app Intro to Colors by Montessorium.

    These 5 toddler games make it fun to practice listening and following directions.

    Getting through the day with an active toddler can put your patience, creativity, and endurance to the test. Keep your child smiling with this huge list of simple, fun activities.

    The Egyptians never imagined a pyramid THIS bright and colorful! Click above to browse through and buy our best #toy block sets to help your toddler develop creativity and coordination.

    Teach your child about the weather--and how to pick out the right clothes to wear--with this handy chart you can #craft together.

    Inspired by the arcade classic Skee-Ball, @FamilyFunMag's Whee Ball game doesn't dispense prize tickets, but it's just as much fun to play--and no tokens required! Click to learn how to craft it at home.

    Design themed scavenger hunts for your toddler, such as a "sound" walk or "texture" walk, to put his senses to the test.

    Balloon Badminton helps your toddler boost hand-eye coordiation! Click to learn how to craft your own rackets at home.