Healthy Snacks

When recipes for kids are this nutritious, food is fuel for their growing bodies!

Healthy Snacks

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This fruity and spicy salsa combines chile peppers, cantaloupe, apples, and sweet pepper for a quick and easy appetizer.

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These turkey tortilla roll ups make a healthy lunch option for your little one.

8 Power Snacks

Show your kids that healthy veggies can be fun with these creative tomato hot air balloons.

Veggies They Can't Resist

Go ahead and play with your food! Kids will love these healthy racecar snacks.

FamilyFun's Treat of the Month

When you have to supply the munchies for your kid's class or team, go with one of these easy-to-make snack ideas.

No-Stress School Snacks

These gooey granola treats slip in dried fruit and whole grains for a healthy homemade #snack.

Snack Mom

Don't buy, DIY! These homemade Gingerbread Animal Crackers are healthier (and more delicious) than store-bought.

Yum! A Healthy Snack Your Kid Will Love

Vegetables go down easily when they're stuffed in this delicious wrap #sandwich.

Yum! A Healthy Snack Your Kid Will Love

Applesauce replaces some of the fat in these sweet, chewy #cookies that are perfect for an afternoon snack or #dessert.

Dairy-Free Desserts

These sweet nuggets are not your typical crunchy banana chips. This oven-baked #fruit snack has lots of flavor and pairs perfectly with a creamy peanut butter and honey dip.

Dairy-Free Desserts

Dried fruit and nuts offer protein, fiber, and vitamins for a guilt-free #snack.

Healthy Snacks Kids (and Moms) Love

This 5-ingredient strawberry mousse tastes decadent, but is actually made with protein-rich #Greekyogurt.

Healthy Family Desserts

Craving chips and #cheese? Try these better-for-you nachos!

Healthy Snacks for Moms to Be

Crispy kale chips are a #healthy and easy-to-make snack.

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Improve your family's diet with these 8 easy ways to eat better in 2015.

8 Ways to Eat Clean

Get your picky kid to start trying (and yes, loving) vegetables in just one month. Here's how:

20 Kid-Friendly Veggies

No more junk food! Here are 35 of the best food to stock in your fridge and pantry.

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Layer toasted coconut and almonds with orange segments and low-fat yogurt for a healthy #snack that tastes like sunshine in a glass.

Healthy Eating Tips and Recipes for Kids

Feeling burnt out by your basic Braeburns? You must try our Instant #Apple Crisp for a healthy snack or #dessert.

The 20 Best Snacks for Kids

Bypass the preservatives in the frozen #Mexican snacks and bake up your own whole-wheat bean and cheese #burritos in less than 30 minutes!

Yum! A Healthy Snack Your Kid Will Love

Toss the junk food! These 20 #lowcalorie #snacks will keep your kids happy and healthy.

The 20 Best Snacks for Kids
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These smart and nutritious #snacks are sure to satisfy your kid's post-playground hunger without ruining his appetite for dinner.

10 Healthy After-School Snacks

Greek yogurt acts as the base for this creamy, custard-like raspberry #dessert.

No-Bake Holiday Treats

Scoop ice cream or frozen yogurt into hollowed out oranges and top with a drizzle of pureed frozen raspberries for a sweet single-serving #snack or #dessert.

No-Bake Holiday Treats

Even a picky kid will flip over tomatoes and olives when they're used to make this cute ladybug #vegetable snack.

Play with Your Food