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    Double-dipping Is Allowed on July 4: For a dessert that's dandier than Yankee Doodle himself, dip strawberries in creamy yogurt and blue decorating sugar, then sit back and savor the sweetness of our nation's birthday.

    Bike Decoration Station: Set up a table and invite guests to give their cycles an extreme makeover. Show off your handiwork to the whole town in the July 4th parade or just head out for a rowdy group ride on the nearest bike trail.

    A Doggie Doodle Dandy: To dress your canine for Independence Day, craft this collar using an old shirt and simple supplies from your craft closet.

    Star Power: To create these toppers, wrap plastic headbands with pipe cleaners. For each star, accordion-fold a pipe cleaner into 10 equal segments, then unfold and shape it. Attach it to the headband with another pipe cleaner, trimming as needed.

    Starburst Stamping: For fun fireworks, cover a table with kraft paper or drawing paper (the kind that comes on a roll). Tape 7 bendable straws together with their ends arranged into a starburst. Spread washable red and blue paint on paper plates, then dip and stamp the starburst onto the paper. When the first color is dry, add the second color.

    Frosty Fruit Rings: For a cooling healthy treat, save the plastic parts from ring lollipops (or buy a bag and dissolve the candy by soaking it in hot water for around 90 minutes). Use cookie cutters to shape sliced fruit, insert a ring's stem into each shape, then freeze. For an ice-pop version, fill ice trays or candy molds with juice. When a frozen layer has formed (after about 15 minutes), insert a ring's stem in each cube and freeze them for a few hours.

    Cheery Cherries: Dress up a fave fruit of summer. Over a pot of simmering water, melt 1/2 cup white chocolate chips with 1/2 teaspoon vegetable oil. If desired, add red or blue food coloring, stirring over the heat until the chocolate is smooth. Dip the cherries and set them on a parchment-lined tray to dry.

    Sparkly Letters: Say it loud and proud in giant sequins and Styrofoam letters.

    A Hangout to Hang Up: This color-happy tent offers a perfect space for chilling out and goofing off.

    Popcorn Cones: Serve up a delicious homemade version of good old Cracker Jack in easy-to-grab holders.

    Easy Toasted Tortilla Pups: This tasty take on a corn dog is wrapped in a corn tortilla and baked, not fried.

    Race You Back: Dad wins with this Father's Day gift that lets him relax as the kids play. Place cardboard inside a prewashed T-shirt to keep the paint from seeping through. On the back of the shirt, paint a racetrack with fabric paint and a foam brush. Let it dry. Draw the outline of the grandstand with black fabric marker, then use a cotton swab to add dots of paint for the spectators' heads. Paint a wide yellow stripe for the start-finish line and let it dry. Use the marker to draw a checkered pattern on the stripe and a dashed line on the road. Set the paint according to the package's directions.

    Grow a Little Love: These planters created from milk cartons make winning teacher and Mother's Day gifts.

    White-Rabbit Bars: Dotted with candy-coated sunflower seeds, these white-chocolate treats add homespun happiness to an Easter basket.

    If your peeps love Peeps, then sweeten up a drink with this trick. Use an oiled chopstick to pierce a channel in a marshmallow bunny, then insert a straw and serve with milk.

    Candy Caddies: Here's how to recycle yogurt cups into bowls; you can tuck a place card between the ears as a sweet way to mark seats at your Easter table.

    Waiter, There's a Hare in My Lunch: Add some Easter love to the kids' lunch boxes with these rabbit sandwiches, mini carrots, and cute cuke slices.

    Rickrack Attack: Festoon your fiesta with this garland made from simple shapes.

    Funny Bunny: Slip on some whiskers for extra giggles at the egg hunt.

    Get-the-Message Egg: Look in magazines for terms related to Easter or springtime and clip them out (or customize an egg for each family member, choosing words to describe personalities and interests).

    Margarine-Marbled Egg: We found that different egg, dye, and margarine brands produce varied marbling effects. All turned out lovely!

    Tissue-Speckled Egg: Use a hole punch to create dots for these sweet spotted eggs.

    Ombre Egg: Several separate dye steps are key to making these multicolored eggs.

    Cobb Salad Skewers: Use up your surplus of boiled Easter eggs with this scrumptious lunch idea.

    Unbeatable Easter Eggs: This shaving cream printing project combines entertaining sensory play with gorgeous final results. When the paint is dry, you and your tot can take turns hiding the eggs around the house or tape some to a string for a festive garland.