Naoko Ito, detail of Ubiquitous, 2009.

Tokyo-born artist Naoko Ito created a fascinating visual using over-sized mason jars to fit parts of a large tree branch.

Peaceful Conflict Resolution ARGUS® Poster

Peaceful Conflict Resolution ARGUS® Poster

Psychology infographic and charts Peaceful Conflict Resolution ARGUS® Poster Infographic Description This pin on conflict shows how to fight fair.

Conflict can set in during the middle school years when school dances and sleepovers are new and seem more appealing than dance class and being a ballet dancer. Only the determined and dedicated ballet dancers will pass by the new opportunities and stick with their passion.

Life can be hectic, and it can be difficult to stay in shape. Keeping up with your ballet technique can seem overwhelming. But you don’t have to go to class everyday to benefit from some basic ballet moves. If you want to stay in shape and feel good,.

This is a wonderful firewood sculpture by Alastair Heseltine, a Canadian living in the Pacific Northwest. Visit his web site:

Canadian artist Alastair Heseltine created this sculpture of a fallen tree using . logs from trees cut for firewood! Ah, the irony.