Misha Collins //I was literally just thinking at work last night about how I truly believe that SPN has the best cast of any show ever. They truly, truly, care about their fans in a way that other casts just kind of don't. Exhibit A: This.

Okay, adorable. Too cute. I can’t.

Now all we need is for them both to say,"I don't care how snarky Robert Downey junior is, you will always be my iron man." To Misha

If you listen carefully, you can hear Sam crying at the destruction of perfectly innocent flannel

That is some parallel. Umm with this codependent and crazed out a family, is it any surprise a bunch of the fandom ships Wincest?

I haven't even started season 13 yet. Someone tell me, is it okay that I already like Jack, or is he gonna break my heart too?

I love these guys way more than I thought I would <<< Yeah.

Part-time actor, full-time Satan

Actor, Lucifer: Mark Pellegrino So I wonder how future casting directors will feel about hiring or turning down Lucifer?

Look at how tiny her delicate lady hands are next to his giant moose paws.

Makes me laugh every time I restart the show from the beginning.