"And if tomorrow is nothing like that at all, I'm the only one who has to forget it. What I win, what I lose - nobody has to know about it" ~Lulu Santos


10 tendances du papier peint qui apportent style, élégance et luxe à n'importe quelle pièce.

pattern Aqua teal turquoise * Gold over patterned teal design Possible goldwork

be patient with yourself

melodyhansen‘s work.

GIRLBOSS MOOD: Be patient with yourself. One day at a time girlfriend! / Inspiration Motivation Self Love Wellness | Se fosse para ficarmos em um só lugar, teríamos raízes ao invés de pés. #frase #viagem #travel

If we were supposed to stay at just one place, we would have roots instead of feet

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De repente ouvi te nome. E quase que imediatamente te procurei a minha volta. Não te encontrei, mas me dei conta de que eu estava sorrindo. - Caio Fernando de Abreu

momo's: "Suddenly I heard your name. And almost intuitively started searching for you around me.

Bom dia

Coffee truly is a cup of joy. What do you think? // I think tea is better

Às vezes perdemos tudo que temos por não saber possuir.

Porque o amor tem que ser livre. E se for amor, irá voltar.