The Paris Review and the LRB: Read Everywhere

America’s most-read literary magazine meets Europe’s most-read book review. For a limited time only, you can get a year's subscription to both magazines for one low price, anywhere in the world. Reading for all seasons, starting today.

The Paris Review and the LRB: Read Everywhere

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Reading one Review while on break at another #ReadEverywhere

Harvard Business Review

Paris Review & Espresso, Starbucks, Seongnam, South Korea. #ReadEverywhere


"To me, the facts of my life commemorated in a poem are the most boring part. It really is about process, about assembling language into poetry—this is where the satisfaction is." #readeverywhere


Stranded #ReadEverywhere

Enjoying some of the legendary Paris Review interviews with downtown Budapest in the background. #ReadEverywhere


A little bit of Darjeeling Tea + a little bit of The Paris Review + a little bit of quiet on a rainy Sunday morning = a whole lotta bliss. #ReadEverywhere

Centerville, MA


Washington, D.C.

Got my wisdom teeth removed today but reading these lovely magazines in the comfort of my bed makes it better. #ReadEverywhere

City of Rancho Cucamonga

Tru trap #ReadEverywhere

City of Los Angeles


Rock City Gardens


Lookout Mount


Tennessee Alabama Fireworks

During my four hour wait to pay the tuition fees at my university. #ReadEverywhere

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Last shot at summer #ReadEverywhere

Point Pleasant Beach

Long Beach #ReadEverywhere

Portfolio Coffeehouse

In Pret a Manger, reading the Big Week by the beautiful novelist Zadie Smith #ReadEverywhere

Pret A Manger

Harvard Yard #readeverywhere

Harvard Yard

Big week. #ReadEverywhere

Flight essentials #readeverywhere

In The Air

I can't wait to finish reading this issue! #readeverywhere

Dallas, TX


Ngorongoro Crater

Me and my beekeeping partner have to #readeverywhere, even while checking our hives!

Gowanus Canal





Familiar layout in the litter confirms rising status of neighbourhood #ReadEverywhere