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jean baptiste geometrics artwork Originally designed in 1896 by Jean Baptiste as educational plates to explain the role of geometry in science

Sunset lights 그자체로재미있는듯

: Skirting Board Sunset Year: 2008 Materials: perspex, led lighting Dimensions: L 10 cm W 75 cm H 38 cm Photos by Lotte Stekelenburg

Day #1 on Behance

Starting the Day Illustrations. Good color scheme + Awesome details + Illustrations are unified by their simplicity, few colors, & slight shadow beneath each one + Repetition with background color

Long Shadow in Flat Design-4

Thanks to Jan & Dan for getting in touch with us about their new brand The Lost Fox. We absolutely love their limited edition screen prints. The Lost Fox have

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Why pay for a rustic look that you can make for yourself on the cheap?

DIY hanging lamp using mason jars. Hmmm, this has me thinking of that other craft for tinting the glass jars. How about using those smaller rounded "fancy" canning jars and tinting them, and making pendant lights for the kitchen bar?

Unigrid contains 1791 outline vector icons divided into following categories: Baby, Basic, Biology, Buildings, Clothing & Accessories, Design, Devices, Finance, Food, Fruits & vegetables,

Unigrid contains 1791 outline vector icons divided into categories