Where's the bear? Sight word practice.  A great intervention for students that do not know sight words. / could be adapted with colors, letters, and numbers

Sprinkles to Kindergarten!: Where's the Bear? In a small group setting, I set out ten cups at a time with a bear under each cup. If a student can read the word they get the bear.

Hidden words! Write in white crayon then color over with marker. Speech words? Spelling words? Yes!

Hidden words for word work time. Kids write the word in white crayon, and then color over it with marker to make it appear. Could do with numbers- instead of markers using watercolors- students paint over to make number 'appear.

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How to spell: top 10 tricks

spelling For this spelling activity the teacher writes a word on the chalkboard and the students write over it with a paint brush and water. This helps the students get familiar with spelling words and helps them practice writing them.

Hanging Sight Words game. Active and FUN way to practice reading sight words!

Pull it from the ceiling Hanging Sight Words game. Active and FUN way to practice reading sight words!

FREEBIE alert!!! This fabulous blog has lots of ideas for teaching sight words this Christmas.

Christmas Sight Word- write words with a white crayon and have student paint with water color to reveal the words

use letter stamps and playdough to word on creating words and spelling.

Fill In The Blank Spelling with Playdough

Spelling Fun way to practice making words! Explore spelling with playdough. Partner students and have one read the word to the other. The student listening has to stamp the word into the playdough using single letter stamps.

Display weekly sight words next to the door. Kids read the words and high five them on the way out! From mrsbremersk.blogspot.com

Hang the sight word of the week on the door and students "high five" the word and say it as they leave the room. I've also seen teachers put a vocabulary word of the week on the door! Kids see it coming and going!

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