Easy and affordable ideas for an outdoor reception or party. Get affordable C7 Globe Lights at http://www.partylights.com/String-Lights-Sets/C7-String-Lights

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9 Easy DIY Ideas for Your Next Outdoor Party


Beer Bottle patio party lights ... the perfect DIY solution for backyard parties or maybe even a Father's Day gift! How many beer bottles do you have? PartyLights.com has mini string lights in many lengths and colors. Shop online at http://www.partylights.com/Mini-Lights.

Patio Party Lights


DIY: shuttlecock lights garland. Start with mini Christmas lights available in a wide array of colors and lengths at http://www.partylights.com/Mini-Lights


DIY shuttlecock lights garland - Kittenhood


DIY Jute Twinkle Light Shade Tutorial ... rustic elegance. Mini lights or LED mini lights in all cord and bulb colors available at www.partylights.com

Jute Twinkle Light Shade Tutorial


How To Spray Paint Your Christmas Lights! PartyLights.com hasn't tried this, but would love to hear how it works out if you do give it a try. Need socket lights? Shop a wide range of options online at www.partylights.com!


DIY Gold Christmas Decor | landeelu.com


Monstrous Paper Lantern Decoration... choose from 50+ colors online at http://www.partylights.com/Lanterns/Lanterns-by-Color

Little Family Fun: Monster Lantern


DIY shuttlecock lights garland. Buy mini lights or LED mini lights online at www.PartyLights.com to complete the project.


DIY shuttlecock lights garland - Kittenhood


DIY Ivy Topiaries with string lighting. Get the perfect lights for the job at www.partylights.com!

On Sutton Place

DIY Porch Lighting - On Sutton Place


DIY: Badminton shuttlecock lights garland for the sports enthusiast. Buy LED string lights because they are safer and generate very little heat ... http://www.partylights.com/LED/LED-String-Lights


DIY: Badminton shuttlecock lights garland


DIY for movie or circus themed party? Find those lightweight cardboard popcorn bags, and add them to string lights (preferably LED since they generate very little heat). Shop LED string lights online at http://www.partylights.com/LED/LED-String-Lights.

Paper Hat Projects


The blog doesn't have these as a DIY, but sure looks like they could be replicated with metal ring or hula hoop painted black. Use zip ties to attach mini lights and hang them up. Shop mini lights online at http://www.partylights.com/Mini-Lights.

The Holiday/Winter Preview Party | Dirt Simple


DIY Paper Lantern Jack o' Lanterns. Blog includes good step-by-step pictures. Shop several sizes and styles of orange lanterns online at: http://www.partylights.com/Lanterns/Mango

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Monster lantern kids party craft idea! Get the smaller 8" lanterns in a wide range of colors online at: http://www.partylights.com/Lanterns/8-in-Paper-Round

Little Family Fun: Monster Lantern


Mickey Mouse Birthday Party DIY ... black Chinese lanterns with black ears. Shop all sizes of black lanterns online at: http://www.partylights.com/Lanterns/Black

Catch My Party

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Ideas | Photo 15 of 21


If you can't find paper lanterns in stripes or the exact stripe colors you'd like, create your own with a little paint and paper lanterns from http://www.partylights.com/Lanterns/Lanterns-by-Color.

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Backyard Party: Pretty with Paint


Another DIY paper lantern snowman variation! Shop full range of white lantern sizes online at http://www.partylights.com/Lanterns/White.

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winter wonderland Birthday Party Ideas | Photo 15 of 22


DIY Beehive for those that need an easier DIY than creative a huge bee. ;-) Shop hive colors online at: http://www.partylights.com/Lanterns/Lanterns-by-Color

Buzzing with Appreciation ~ Simply Sprout


DIY octopus paper lanterns for your "Under the Sea: themed party table centerpieces or hanging from the ceiling! Create any color octopuses with a full range of colors available online at: http://www.partylights.com/Lanterns/Lanterns-by-Color

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Add these creative DIY chickens to your next theme party. Shop full range of lantern colors and sizes online at http://www.partylights.com/Lanterns/Lanterns-by-Color.

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White paper lantern + white cupcake liners = Creative! The blog post is not in English, but the picture gives you the idea. ;-)


s i n n e n r a u s c h


Grapevine balls turn into a beautiful porch light just by adding mini lights with brown wires. Lights available online at http://www.partylights.com/Mini-Lights/100MiniLights. If not a porch light, think centerpiece, mantle decor, seasonal decoration ... ideas are endless.


Easy DIY Outdoor Light!


DIY perhaps? Add black electrical tape to a yellow paper lantern. Shop lanterns online at http://www.partylights.com/Lanterns/Lanterns-by-Color.

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Sparkly lanterns DIY ... shop for white lanterns in several sizes and shapes: http://www.partylights.com/Lanterns/White. Perfect for wedding decorations and party accents.

Dressed Up Noisemakers {DIY} + Sparkly Lantern {DIY}


It takes a licking... These #DIY ice cream cones are crafted from paper lanterns! Shop 40+ flavors of lanterns online at http://www.partylights.com/Lanterns/Lanterns-by-Color. #birthday #icecream

Ice cream decorations


Add a touch of elegance to your party with this simple DIY with doilies and mini lights. Shop for the white lights with white cords online at http://www.partylights.com/Mini-Lights.

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