The Flaming Lips concert poster with The Dead Weather and Minus the Bear- Apr 2010

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timeline plusieurs modalités déffichage

Samaritaine – Métamorphoses continues


http://www.behance.n...@爻-爻采集到插画(613图)_花瓣UI 交互设计

— Magpie Studio. I love this SO much.

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"Over 125 Years of Innovation" text with products and dates displayed one wall

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Video: Check ook hele Art+Com website - vliegveld oa

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Calendar Planetarium by Emigo via Behance *not accurate to the planets' scale or surface, but still beautiful*

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The Histomap by John Sparks,1931; from Cartographies of Time, a visual history of the timeline

Cartographies of Time: A Visual History of the Timeline

Idea: wall of numbers, various sizes of cards with various numbers, people turn it over to read facts/stats of need...numbers are color coded to "Jerusalem" "Judea" etc...

Communication Arts Magazine

I love the timeline, and how the whole magazine is unified with certain colors- like the greyscale photos and the blue font

... - a grouped images picture - Pin Them All

Shoe history. What a great way to bring life to a timeline!

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Layout and Design - link takes you to a Tumblr with more design stuff. I don't get Tumblr. The triangle thing is pretty cool, though and creates a patchwork/geometric look that might be fun. - Mrs. Soboroff

SerialThriller™ — VRS Mag - Inspiration

Melbourne Trams Moving Pictures Exhibition for Old Treasury Building | Studio Alto was involved in the design of the exhibition identity, illustrated timeline, artist banners, vinyl lettering and various promotional collateral.

Trams Moving Pictures Exhibition Design | Studio Alto

Thought: create the timeline on the wall with same size photos, add larger pics and descriptions. Q: how to secure timeline photos to wall.

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Gramecy Park Hotel timeline - designed by

A Rich History at the Gramercy Park Hotel

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Weekly Web Design Inspiration #12 | Downgraf

A nice basic approach to the timeline. Familiar integration of image and text. Good to keep in mind. - Smita Sen, Corporate Branding Intern

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@Anna Lim @Chris Sykes @Adrienne Pepe We should do a timeline of the school/church. What a great way to beautify and teach at the same time!

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CHOOSE-TAKE-KEEP- Interactive exhibition, showing 25 years of fashion campaigns on a timeline. client: comme il faut, Tel Aviv. Designed by Michal Granit Design studio.

סטודיו לעיצוב - מיכל גרניט - Michal Granit - Design studio


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dieter rams. I would have had to try arranging 6-10 from the bottom up. It would make more sense to me and be more fun to read that way, and look neat. 01 followed by 10, esp the way they'd line up.

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Годовой отчет для банка БФА за 2011 год Годовой отчет © Alexander Zhestkov

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Awesome timeline. View of the Venice Biennale Exhibition in Whitechapel Gallery.

Venice Biennale Exhibition

Cool environmental graphics! An impact wall displays the connection between sports participation and empowerment through statistics and graphics.

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