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Ilya Pashkov
Earth / Art & Creative Director, Chief Design Officer
Ilya Pashkov
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SacredArtofGeometry | 10 fold geometry

SacredArtofGeometry: short courses and symposia in the practice and philosophy of Sacred Geometry and the arts of the Quadrivium at SAOG Studios, Emerson Colleg

Geometric Designs, Geometric Patterns, Islamic Images, Islamic Art, Pattern Art, Arabesque, Sacred Geometry, Mandalas, Pintura, Islamic, Geometry, Patterns, Block Patterns, Geometry Pattern

“Maths Dreamed Universe” is a quantitative visualisation of the manner in which elemental forms in nature order themselves. The graph – created using generative Python code – maps numbers 0 to 100,001 arranged in a logarithmic spiral. The pattern that results is frequently found in nature, as in the arrangement of floral organs and the formation of galaxies. The spiral reveals the visual relationships of elemental numbers and the aesthetic beauty of mathematical equations.

Maths Dreamed Universe, designed by Peter Crnokrak, and available from Stereohype ”…is a quantitative visualisation of…numbers 0 to arranged in a logarithmic spiral.” Okay, I’m already hypnotized.