Old birdcage repurposed as a planter for a variety of succulents

Do you have a birdcage lying around and taking up space? Turn it into a hanging garden! LJA from "All Things Plants" has turned this old birdcage into a nice hanging succulent garden! More information: All Things Plants website !

Eggshell Garden for Easter

Creating your own eggshell garden. Materials needed: potting soil, egg shells, mosses, succulents, flowers. Steps: ① fill in the empty egg shell.

31 plants that repel mosquitoes

31 Plants That Repel Mosquitoes : When spring arrives so do those annoying mosquitoes. Instead of going the chemical route, here is a collection of mosquito repelling plants to make mosquito control more natural.

Screened Potting Shed with brick floor

Aussaat - her mit den Samentütchen

Glass Bottles border flower bed

Upcycle Glass Bottles into a Garden Border

5 Ways to Use Coffee Grounds in Your Garden

5 Ways to Use Coffee Grounds in Your Garden.Make a worm farm, Add it to your compost pile, Get rid of pests and bugs, Fertilize your plants, and coffee grounds can kill fungus.

DIY self-cleaning and sharpening Garden Tool holder, using a mid-size terra-cotta pot, spray paint, pottery sealer, a large bucket, sand, and mineral oil

Make Your Own Self-Cleaning & Sharpening Garden Tool Holder

This is an easy project to keep your garden tools clean, sharpened, and rust-free! To make your own cleaning and sharpening garden tool holder, you’ll need:

DIY Strawberry Tower with reservoir! | A Piece Of Rainbow Blog

DIY Strawberry Tower With Reservoir

DIY strawberry tower with a built-in reservoir! Made with recycled materials, grow 48 plants in 2 square feet! Plus 5 lessons we learned…

DIY Cucumber Planter Box and recipe for How to make Pickles

Raised bed gardens can save you loads of hours of digging out your yard, bring great garden design to your property, and give your family food to eat for a lifetime! Check out these 9 DIY Raised Bed G(Diy Garden Design)

How to Make Your Own Natural Garden Pesticides

How to Make Your Own Natural Garden Pesticides

Cinder Block Raised Garden Bed

How to Build a Cinder Block Raised Garden Bed

Theres nothing like growing your own food! A Cinder Block Raised Garden Bed is easy to build and will give you years of use! Need a tomato? Go pick one! Green beans for dinner? No problemo! - Gardening And Patio

DIY homemade hand cream recipe for hard working, dry, hands

Homemade Hand Cream Recipe (for hard working hands)

homemade hand cream recipe the prairie homestead Ingredients: cup shea butter cup sweet almond oil 1 tablespoon beeswax 10 drops myrrh essential oil 10 drops cedarwood essential oil