Comb as Nail Holder - Protect your fingers while hanging a picture.

New Uses for Things in the Bathroom

Clothespin Nail Holder This is an easy life hack for people who love doing DIY projects. There are times when it is hard to hold the nail while hammering. You can use a clothespin to hold the nail. That way you will not risk pounding on your fingers.

for texture ideas...

Use rolling pin to make an imprint on clay. Pick a flower or plant and lay on top of a small piece of clay and use a rolling pin to make an imprint in the clay. let it harden. -These would make pretty magnets.


~~ De Colores / Colors ~ Tulip by Alejandro Ramirez~~ circus tent in a flower. my favorite color combo too, purple and orange

Amazing ink drops

Alberto Seveso, well, get ready. His latest series of underwater ink photographs is entitled a due Colori and they are simply breathtaking. The images are made by taking high-speed photographs of two colors of ink mixing with water.

The Bigger Fatter List! HUGE List of Ways to Use Essential Oils!!

The Bigger Fatter List! HUGE List of Ways to Use Essential Oils! ***I was looking for a DIY carpet cleaner! This came right on time.

Lotus Flower at SunRise - Macro - IMG_6193-1

Clematis IN the wonder of the moment such beauty bursts forth all around. Lotus Flower at SunRise - Macro - by Bahman Farzad.

Green Leaf Corporate Identity

Green Leaf Corporate Identity- I like this because the leaves look like coffee beans too!

Natural Cures For Pink Eye and other remedies

Green Tea Green tea is an ideal healthy drink for our human body which this drinks reduces risk about cancer, osteoporosis and heart disease. Green tea is an effective health drink which contains natural antioxidants.


waves have always been a deep rooted fear of mine. Cant tell you how many dreams i have had of huge waves, even before i knew what a tsunami actually was.maybe from a different life.