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    funnies and punnies! :D

    funnies and punnies! :D

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    So creative!

    Just For Fun

    xD There could be a ghost aggressively break dancing beside you right now and you would have no idea

    Too Busy To Notice

    I lold

    Reading, Parents and Phone: We must go deeper.

    You'd Like That

    You’d Like That

    What Everything Looks Like to Dogs #dogs

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    Don't mind admitting that I have done this. Excep that I would include movie and book characters in this as well.

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    The Scooby-Doo movies are and will always be my favorite movies!

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    I. Am. Dying.

    The Audience | Content in a Cottage

    Actual pic of me at a party

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    Why didn't I think of this! Ha! I'll just wear stars under my eyes every day! XP

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    haha! so true!

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    Where I go my cats go.

    The right priorities

    Rectangle but whatevs

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    I can't stop laughing

    The Best Host - The Meta Picture

    HAHAHA!!!! | best stuff

    A Guide On How To Pet Animals

    How To Pet Animals

    True Fear.

    True Fear…

    funny music memes

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    Oh yes.

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    Precious food.

    Precious food -


    Men With Fabulous Flower Beards

    Fetch me my fuzzy socks

    It’s Going To Be A Fun Game Night

    Exercise makes me stabby. Well, based on research about health and fitness, exercise would probably make me less stabby. Basically, I have no idea about exercise. Just stabbiness.

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