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    Shal Singh
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    Shal Singh

    Shal Singh

    Molly as a companion, awwww

    The fandom is responsible for the Padababies

    "YEAH IF YOU COULD GIVE US HIS PHONE NUMBER THAT'D BE COO." Words uttered by my friend when showing her this picture.

    [GIFSET] Jensen and his fake snark is adorable. #Supernatural

    This is my new favorite thing - could they be any cuter?? ♥ Jensen and Thomas - VanCon2014 [gifset]

    Because Thor: Ragnorak is obviously going to be HILARIOUS. | 15 Reasons We've Been Blessed By Marvel

    You Look Like That Guy

    That time Superman took Batman’s billionaire status for granted. | 15 Times Batman Was 100% Done With The Justice League