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Timmee Binimi~2000-2014

Timmee was one of my dumpster kitties. His little eyes were crusted shut and he was covered with fleas when he was rescued with his brother Mikee. Tim was a metro-sexual kitty. Urban with a touch of rustic around his luxurious white whiskers. The ultimate snorer. And a supreme bread dough kneader. He took up a lot of room on chairs and sofas over the years. He also liked sleeping on my bed in the sunshine. Mikee & Pearlcat miss him horribly. The front porch is awfully lonely now.
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Very cool.

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If there is no box around, a basket will do... This isn't Tim but the principle applied to him.


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I worked so hard to grow Tim his own lush patch of grass. He loved lying in tall grass. So I "fenced" it and didn't trim or touch it. I am going to miss him in his 'estate' grass this summer.


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