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Timmee Binimi~2000-2014

Timmee was one of my dumpster kitties. His little eyes were crusted shut and he was covered with fleas when he was rescued with his brother Mikee. Tim was a metro-sexual kitty. Urban with a touch of rustic around his luxurious white whiskers. The ultimate snorer. And a supreme bread dough kneader. He took up a lot of room on chairs and sofas over the years. He also liked sleeping on my bed in the sunshine. Mikee & Pearlcat miss him horribly. The front porch is awfully lonely now.

Timmee Binimi~2000-2014

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So true.

Tim spent many summer days under his favorite climbing rose.

Timmee in his garden of climbing roses from the "old place". He loved his cool spot under the roses with Pearl. Mikee never has shown any interest in that garden so it was always Tim and Pearl. His Grave is right where he is lying in this photograph. He is so handsome!

I worked so hard to grow Tim his own lush patch of grass. He loved lying in tall grass. So I "fenced" it and didn't trim or touch it. I am going to miss him in his 'estate' grass this summer.

Rarely apart. Mikee is very depressed.

Resting from a big day of napping.

Never far apart for 14 years.

I'm so glad Tim had Mikee as a brother. They were both lucky.

Mikee..Tim's dumpster brother.

I MIGHT be a little heavy. He is coming out of his garden.

  • Jillian Finley
    Jillian Finley

    Your blip for this board abut Timmee touched my heart, what a precious cat. Likewise my cat was a dumpster cat too. The vet clinic (for my previous cat who turned into the Tsmanian devil) found "Babe" in the dumpster behind the clinic.

  • Jillian Finley
    Jillian Finley

    ...She's a gray, yellow eye, indoor Persian, 4 yrs old. She was terribly traumatized and very aloof for a few years, never been a lap cat but stays right beside me-she's 17 now, had a broken jaw that had to be wired, arthiritis-love her

  • patc pat
    patc pat

    I'm glad you still have her. Tim died due to veterinarian screw-ups. That makes a lot harder.

  • Jillian Finley
    Jillian Finley

    Oh Patc I'm so sorry, makes you wonder why with all the technology that doctors can mess up, and to our babydolls no less...Timmee was precious/

  • patc pat
    patc pat

    Unfortunately, this had to do with her personality.

Chilling on the patio in one of his favorite chairs.

An afternoon nap with his friends.

If there is no box around, a basket will do... This isn't Tim but the principle applied to him.


Very cool.

A twin? Sue Harrell: Norman

Special friends.

Melinda K. Hall:Crude Cat and a 4 Kitty Litter

Part of Tim's family. Mikee, Lita and Fayeroe.

His nemesis. Thelma kicked ass.

Do I see the rapture? I do! .

Texas kitchen after grilled tilapia.

Chillin in his ribbons.