Quotes for all sorts of sources, sometimes someone else can say the words better than we can, and I love the artwork that many of these quotes are presented with,
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Six Ethics of life. these are so wonderfully thought provoking, and without doing them, the six things mean almost nothing.

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The 30 Day Happiness Challenge

Words written in the quilting. I have did this with baby quilts & the names of the bride & groom & year on the quilt as I am free motion quilting. Like this

KI Memories - Scribbles - Glitter Stickers - Borders - Words - Black

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Inge Kolstee: Art Journal Join the Art Journal Party at Kaleidoscope Village - idea: how many ways to draw a house?

Inspirational Art Bird Flower Mixed Media Happy Place by jmdesign

(mixed media art journal page idea: 'find your happy place everyday'.

Be kind to one another

Kindness is the fruitage of God's Holy Spirit (there are 9 qualities altogether) that are found in the book of Galatians and here in Ephesians Christians are reminded again to be kind to others.

Friends should always focus on the positive things they brought to each others lives, than to dwell on a few bad experiences

When a friend does something wrong, don`t forget all the things they did right.