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Each kid could paint a large paper with bright colors then cut the "feathers" and create their own peacock

Bible Alphabet coloring pages. not all are great, but most are worth it. Seasonal ones too.

Oxfam America Hunger Banquet | ACT FAST with Oxfam

phoenix mayor, greg stanton, attempts to live on a food stamp budget: 'i'm tired, and it's hard to focus.'

hunger meal: simulate what it's like to live in hunger or poverty

easy craft clay... dries hard. this will be perfect to make ornaments for the kids to paint. would be fun for a Christmas party craft for the kiddos!

top 13 "meal ministry" meals.

an open letter to pastors: a non-mom speaks about mother's day.

Labyrinth with donated items for food pantry

REFLECTION! This prayer station is simply made up of a variety of mirrors. In this example, we just used a set of mirrors you can get at a craft store, but any mirrors will do. Instructions: Stand over the mirrors and look down into them. What do you see? The sky? The tops of trees? Move your position until you see yourself reflected in the mirrors and meditate on what you see. What do you think God sees? Offer a prayer of thanks for who you are or take time to pray for a need you see in your...