MENTOR TEXTS to model the SIX TRAITS OF WRITING that kids enjoy!!!

Inside The Classroom: Mentor Texts For Writer's Workshop and fits the Six Traits Model of Writing Instruction

Prefixes and Suffixes Interactive Journal ideas

Prefixes and Suffixes Interactive Journal ideas. Did you know that the CCSS specifically include Greek and Latin root study?

Even though Daily 5 is not station rotations I will definitely use this list of ideas for prompts for the students.

Education - The Second Grade Superkids: Daily 5 Station Ideas Make as individual posters with class then turn

Teaching paragraph writing

Stoplight Paragraphs - great paragraph writing lesson (web with ideas then using traffic light sentence strips to make paragraphs). Title: Stop in the Name of Love Prompt: Write about a person that you love? What make this person special

Contractions surgery - such a great idea!

So cool! Word surgery for teaching contractions. Mask, gloves, scalpel (scissors), sutures for apostrophes (band-aids)! Surgically remove the unnecessary letters to turn one word into two!


learning new things: Gotta love a prefix and suffix! If they have an idea what the prefix means, the meaning of the whole word starts to form. Kids love this knowledge and I was teaching grade 6 when I discussed this with the class!

Sentence types

I would change this to three types of writing. Four types of sentences flip book.types on the outside.flip up the name and see an example of that type of sentence underneath.

More ideas