Cool package design by Bla Bla Biscuits! So cute, clever and fun! Bla Bla Biscuits label comes off to reveal the cookies right in the mouth of the design.

Pasta For One. How awesome is this packaging?

Concept: Pasta For One

At first glance these tube may look like beautiful holiday wrapping papers but these tubes are actually tubes of pasta for one! Designer Alessia Olivari created these as a personal project.


Cottage Incense: Heritage Range

Inspiration from Package Design

Emilie Wildiers came to us with the idea of building a new brand around her unique, banana-based jam recipes. She runs a well-known company in Belgium that has been creating various jams and jellies since the

Inspiration from Package Design

Naming and label design for the new line of spirits of Gargalo, based on the traditional flavors of galician liqueurs: "Orujo", herbal liqueur, coffee liqueur and cream liqueur.Each variety was given a number that consumers could easily identify and rem…

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