St. Fiacre - Historical & Spiritual Connections

I continue to marvel at the miracles of modern technology since I first created my St. Fiacre Sculpture in 1997. Until now, I offered links on his page at to various resources I uncovered in my research. Now pinterest is making it so much easier (and more fun!) for everyone. Enjoy! (And please share your own connections.)
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Gertrude of Nivelles is another patron saint of gardeners and herbalists. Bread baked in her oven was said to repel rodents. She also provided hospice to the great traveling saints of Ireland.

Cats in Art and Illustration: St. Gertrude of Nivelles: "Ye shall not possess any beast my dear sisters, save only a cat." (Surely keeping company with a cat does not violate the vow of Poverty, because who can make a cat into their possession?

Our St. Fiacre "Scroll"

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