mooie vazen

Love the wire frame functioning as support for the plants/flowers around the concrete plant vases. I love how concrete is so strong and versatile in its use.

Small Wooden LED Clock |

Homeloo wooden clocks

Hong Kong-based home appliance company Homeloo has some pretty sweet (and cheap) wooden digital LED clocks if you're sick of buying stuff from Ikea.

Matt white bottle HKliving

Matt white bottle HKliving- on small wood shelf above couch

Ceramic Heart Trinket Dish in Valentine's Day Valentine Favorites at Terrain

Ceramic Heart Trinket Dish

Block-vase by nendo | COS

Ceramic clay art vessel Luxury Lego Inspired cubic Block-vase by nendo

surely this would make you smile on a rainy day ~  :)

Checkout this amazing product Fiberglass Black Sky Print DOUBLE Cover Lotus Umbrella at Shopintoit


With of Japan covered by forest and aggressive deforestation a troubling concern, designer Keita Shimizu created the More Trees Perpetual Calendar. By simply rotating each piece of wood to match the weekly structure of any month, Keita create .

HAUS - Pottery Jars by Vincent Van Duysen

Pottery Jars by When Objects Work