I've been listening to girls talk boys constantly since it came out because I am in love with this song it's just so different and fun and I love it too much


Exhibit A. Previous pinner: Hyacinth Macaws by Keith Mitchell. Me: I appreciate the restraint shown here, by allowing the blue color to just BE! The photographer was content with nature's natural brightness, and so am I.

Lady with the purple house. // how cool - pick a color that is in you favorite season and paint your house with it to be happy all year 'round!

a purple house in a field of lavender. Note: I always loved the color purple growing up and I always said that when I got older, I was going to have a purple house and everything in it was going to be purple

Joya Designs. Raw purple agate stone

✯ Raw Purple Agate Stone :: Joya Designs✯ purple agate carved out of one piece of purple agate / with premium amethyst addition ( a really eye catching, memorable finger enhancing ring ✅❤️

I planted one 2 years ago and it never did anything. I thought it was dead. Hadn't seen it above ground in over a year so this spring, I tossed out a bunch of morning glory seed. Wouldn't you know, suddenly the clematis pops up. In a 3 week time, it's grown about 5 ft tall and I noticed this morning it has its first bud :)

Clematis climbing green plastic mesh, now I just need a fake vine or bush to put on it and display.