Hot sun on metal slides.

Hot sun on metal playground slides. But was still fun - especially if you used a sheet of waxed paper under your butt to go faster!

Who remembers disposable flash cubes?

My nan had one of these cameras she always kept the flash cubes in her desk drawer .Kodak Instamatic Camera witch disposable flash cube and cartridge film. Cutting edge for its time.

Antique Coke Machine 1950 's

Vintage Coca-Cola Machines for Sale

How does one find out what a vintage Coca Cola Cooler Value is? Many people search the web trying to find out how much this vintage Coca-Cola vending machine or Coca Cola vintage cooler is worth. In the case of old and antique Coca-Cola vending.

This is what they used to sprinkle the clothes before ironing. And yes I remember mother using one like this!

Used to sprinkle & dampen clothes before ironing. You would sprinkle them with water then roll them up and put them in a plastic bag till they were damp and you could iron the wrinkles out better. My mother used an old coke bottle.

We were so proud to do this every morning at school.

Children Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance as a Boy Holds the Us Flag in their Classroom

Daily Pledge of Allegiance in school. I remember when the words, "Under God," were added to the Pledge when I was in elementary school in the

pay phones were available everywhere .. keep a dime handy for calls. (Then it became a quarter)  Then it became extinct.

when it was time for mom to pick you and your friends up from the mall, this is where we called from. I kept a quarter in my shoe for calls, just in case! Or a dime when I first used the phone!

wash day, 1942

Wash day "Every Monday my mother pulled out a washer like this. Run a hose to the washer and when she was finished she hooked the hose to the washer and ran it out the door to drain the washing machine.

K-Mart Blue Light Special

Calvin, Kmart and the Blue Light Special

K-Mart blue light specials. I was teased so bad at school because of my clothes and the kids all said they were K-Mart blue light specials.

Creek Street, Ketchikan, Alaska This is where the "girls" hung out waiting for the men gold mining in Alaska. Great place to see via a cruise.

Creek Street in Ketchikan, Alaska. In the old days these brightly colored house were houses of ill-repute. The joke was Creek Street where the salmon and the prospectors went to spawn.


I could do an outhouse series of paintings.

Saturday Evening Post - 1961 -Saturday at the Beauty Parlor

"Cowboy Asleep in Beauty Salon," Saturday Evening Post Cover, May 6, 1961

"Cowboy Asleep in Beauty Salon," Saturday Evening Post Cover, May 1961 Giclee Print by Kurt Ard

Old phone booth fish tank!

Yes, milk was home delivered in glass bottles...

The Hudson Milk Company - Home delivery milk & dairy in Westchester & Fairfield

Lombard Street, San Francisco.

The Crookedest Street in the World, Lombard Street, San Francisco. When we would visit my Uncle who lived in the middle of downtown San Francisco my Dad would take us down this road.

H Green Stamps. my mom used to save them at the grocery store and after she had a bunch saved we would stick them in a stamp book and take them to the stamp store and she would pick something out for the house