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Patrick Brügge

Patrick Brügge
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vegan khao soi soup top down

Packed full of goodness, this vegan khao soi soup is a great way to start the new year, and its simple to make too

13 Different Ways to Make Hummus

How to Make Hummus: Recipes for Hummus Variations-Shape Magazine (just tried the standard hummus one word delicious.

Food that magically regrows itself! I bet my kids would love watching what happens with their uneaten vegetables

Growing vegetables from food waste is a great lesson for kids and also makes great science experiments Teach students how to regrow food and pick a food to regrow as a class. Could use a food from a students leftover lunch.

These lamps were designed to grow plants in windowless spaces

These lamps were designed to grow plants in windowless spaces. Green light, DIY, bring nature home.

How to grow tomatoes upside down

You’d like to grow tomatoes but you’re short on space ? Then this unusual growing method is for you ! It’s proven to be very effective and if done properly can greatly increase the amount of tomato…